Our studio is featured in The Hawkeye!

So it’s about to get mushy gushy and really real in here people…!

We are so excited to have been featured in Sunday’s business section of our local newspaper, The Burlington Hawkeye! It was kinda fun being on the other side of things, having a photographer follow us and what we do for a change! It’s always an adventure to turn the tables around a little bit! One of The Hawkeye’s photographers, John Lovretta, captured images of our sessions with Semaj and Reed and followed some of our day to day tasks throughout the studio. After the article published, I realized just how thankful I really am to be a part of this community, for the clients that we treasure so, and for my wonderful family and friends that have helped support my dreams of becoming a photographer and entrepreneur. I am forever grateful for all of my team members that have grown our studio, nurtured the friendships we share with our clients and helped build up the passion for capturing beautiful memories for others so they will have something to pass down to generations of loved ones.

I had also started thinking about how the studio storefront started. How my husband and I were crazy enough to tackle a 5000 square foot machine shop and renovate it into a beautiful studio. The article is true that we did much of the work ourselves, but I am grateful that Ron Massner, from SG Construction took on our renovation project and helped engineer the structure of the building, as well as install the roofing system for us. To this day I remember the generosity he showed me and for helping us create and finish our dream project. Thank you Ron!!

I am speechless and so touched when I think of all of my family and close friends that spent day after day, weekend after weekend, helping us tear down the roof, hang drywall, lay floors, paint, and trim…all leading up to the wee hours of the night before we hosted our grand opening at the 4th of July festivities in 2006. It’s been TEN YEARS already!! Where has time gone? I am forever grateful to all of you that shared your time and talents to make my dream a reality…My loving husband Nick, Wade, Rob, Josh, Jess, mom and dad, mom and Craig, and so many more. It brings me to tears thinking of all of your love, support and pure generosity that you have devoted to me through the years and I am very blessed and humbled that God placed each of you my life. I aspire to be the kind of friend all of you deserve, I love you all so much!

I have had so many wonderful teammates along the way that have touched my life and changed it along the way, as well as made a difference in the lives of my client’s. I have many wonderful memories working alongside my very best friend, Jessica, who blossomed into an amazing designer, cinematographer and so, so much more to fill all of the needs we had as we continued to grow…She means so much to me and I am grateful for every day that I was able to spend working alongside her. I am thankful for another one of my best friends and very talented hairstylist, Rachel, and my adopted sister Emily for sharing their beauty tips and incredible personalities with us and our clients! Special memories were made with our very first talented designer, Jaime Ballard, who brought so much to the studio by sharing her gifts with us. I am forever grateful for my second mom since the 8th grade, Patsy Dillon. For sharing her wisdom and talents with me and the studio, I still hear her wise advice in my head nearly everyday, and I love that. Her husband, Mark, who truly is the REAL santa. Our bubbly and incredibly sweet friend, Erinn, for all of the fun and laughter she brought into our lives, and so many more of you that have shared your talents and time with us throughout the years. And for our current crew; Kelsey, Sarah and Bailey…I am blessed to get to work with you and each one of you bring so much to the studio, thank you so much for sharing your passion for photography and people, helping our studio and business grow and for taking care of the clients we cherish so much.

Thank you to my very special clients… I hope you know the impact you have had in my life and how much I treasure and appreciate all of you. Thank you for entrusting me with such special memories and sharing your lives with us.

Thank you to my husband, for putting up with my long hours and days in the earlier years of starting the studio. For being my biggest cheerleader and always supporting my ideas and efforts. I love you and I couldn’t do this without you. Thank you, mom, for loving my babies so dearly and for always being there when I need you…for loving my little punkins when I am away and for being such an inspiration to me mom, I love you dearly.

I just wanted to make sure my closest family and friends know much I care about you, appreciate you and LOVE you! XOXOXO!

If you want to read the article in The Burlington Hawkeye, you can check it out here!! All image credits go to John Lovretta from The Hawkeye

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