Time goes by too quickly.


As a new mom, you want to stop the clock and soak up each stage as they go by all too fast. You know it's important to document everything from your pregnancy throughout your baby's first year, but worry that it will be too much work to plan and execute each portrait session.

  • Unsure if you should be in your portraits?
  • Don't know when and how to plan for each of your baby's milestone sessions?
  • Worried you won't know how to keepsake your favorite images?

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"they are fantastic at interacting with my kiddos and getting wonderful photos for the moments that are once in a lifetime. Our portraits Make our house feel like a home."

-Jessica, momma to Juniper + Jerrison


Mommy to Alden


"My family was the center of attention, from the planning sessions to ordering appointments. The entire staff is kind, welcoming, and helpful throughout your sessions to ensure you get the perfect images.


The session planning has been a blessing and relieved our anxiety. The entire process, from booking sessions to choosing outfits and displaying photos in our home, has been an enjoyable experience."

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Mommy to Eddie


"It was important for us to stop and capture Eddie’s entire first year so we remember all of the little details of these moments - how tiny he was at his newborn session, his first smiles and giggles, his budding personality - we wanted to capture it ALL.


It was important to capture all these milestone moments regardless of how I felt about my appearance.

I absolutely cannot wait to add updated family portraits to our home after our next family session!"

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Mommy to Lindy


"Instead of being reminded of the stress that usually comes with professional photos with coordinating outfits and looking perfect for photos, we're able to completely enjoy our images. Our photos radiate with the love between our little family and the

excitement of being new parents.


I never want to forget anything about our baby girl's first year, and KimAnne Photography has enabled us to
remember every detail."

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Every session starts with a quick discovery call. This is where we learn about you, your family, and what you want to see in your maternity or baby portraits. Our team will help you select the session type that makes the most sense for you and your family.



We want you to relax as our planning comes together to create your envisioned session. After photographing you with your family, you can relax while we do individual images of your little one. We love making the process easy and fun and styled uniquely to you.



Seeing the images of your newborn can be amazing and a bit overwhelming. To us, this is the best part of the process. Our team will be there to answer your questions, guide you as you select images, and ensure that the products you choose work best for your home and personal style.

Treasure the moments.


You want to remember each tiny detail forever, but things get busy, and your little one changes and grows. Before you know it, they are one, up and running, and you realize you don't remember as much as you had hoped.

We know that it can feel overwhelming to decide when, what to wear, and how to make sure your session showcases each stage of your little one so you never forget the little details and moments that you want to remember most.

This is why we love pampering you and making sure your sessions become treasured memories. The portrait art our clients display in their homes bring them so much joy that they continue to bring their little ones back year after year to continue capturing them as they change and grow.


What next?


We get it! Your little one is due almost any day, and you are unsure what to do next to make sure you have captured this special time in your life.


It starts by knowing you want to document this time. Our team will help you figure out what sessions you want most and inspire you with fun and creative ideas to capture your baby's first year.


To see our portrait guide and learn more click the link below. We can't wait to connect with you and start planning your baby's first session!

We create portrait art from your life story.

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