It goes by too quickly.


You blinked, and their senior year is already here. Yesterday they were excited to hit double digits, and now they're looking at colleges and exploring career options. You want to stop time, for just a moment, and showcase who they are so you don't forget this amazing moment. You want images you can show off to family and friends and that they will love to share as well.

  • Want unique images that showcase their personality?
  • Don't know how to prepare for the session?
  • Unsure how you will display images in your home?





It starts with a quick call. We connect and learn all about your senior. What they like, dislike and most of all what you love about
them. Together we start to plan the session so that it reflects exactly who they are and what they want.


Our pre-planning sessions take the guesswork out of everything and help you feed prepared and confident the day of your session.



Being in front of the camera can feel awkward, so we focus on making the session relaxed and fun so you can feel confident to just be yourself.


You can choose to start off your session being pampered with H+M, so you feel and look your best. We will guide you in how to pose and find the perfect locations to compliment your personality and style. You be you and we'll be sure to capture every part of your unique personality!



Our senior's favorite part of the experience is seeing their images for the first time on the big screen!


During your order premiere, we will help you select your best images and inspire you with ways to showcase your favorite portraits at home and share them with family and friends!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

No detail was left out, they literally thought of everything! It made the actual photo shoot day go so smoothly! They took the time to make sure everything was absolutely perfect and the photos definitely reflect that!"

-Christa, Brennen's mom


Notre Dame High School


"I wanted the photos from my senior session to reflect my personality and
be unique. I feel Kim perfectly captured my ideas and my real self.


My whole senior experience went so smoothly and made me feel very special.
Senior year is an exciting time with many lasts. I am so happy to have
all my photos! This experience has made me feel a bit sad because high
school is ending, but I am thankful for the memories the Kim Anne crew
made for me."

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Ft. Madison High School


"Knowing I had all my outfits and locations planned made one less thing I
had to worry about the day or pictures.


My senior pictures made me feel
good about myself and helped me realize how far I have come!


You guys make everyone feel so special and beautiful! I enjoyed going to all the
fun places with the team, including my grandma's house, where we all grew up. It made me feel special and excited for the pictures!"

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Alexa's Mom


"Alexa's session made her feel like she was the most important person in the world. KimAnne and Rachel treated her so well and made her day unforgettable.


The pre-planning was the best. They answered all our questions. We knew exactly where we would go and what outfit she would wear at each location. They even had her favorite drink and snack to start the day off with.


Seeing her portraits for the first time on the big screen made me teary-eyed, and my heart burst. Kim captured her beautiful smile and her inner beauty so perfectly. It was love at first sight and made my heart burst with pride.


I love seeing her portraits on my walls because they are a true reminder of how beautiful she is. Looking at them reminds me of how blessed I am, and I thank God daily that he let me be her mom."

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Create Memories.


As a parent of a senior, the bittersweet countdown to graduation can feel like a whirlwind of emotions. Every moment together becomes precious, each conversation a treasure, as you yearn to capture the essence of your child's unique spirit before they embark on their next chapter.


We understand the significance of capturing this fleeting time - the laughter, the late night conversations, the shared hobbies - all such an integral part of their senior year.


It's not only about holding onto these incredible milestones but also about capturing the true essence of the beautiful human you have poured your life into raising. These special memories will be a wonderful connection to your child and the deep love you have for them always.


What next?


We're sure you have a million questions about the process and the next steps.


Click the link below to learn more about how we can help you get senior portraits you love, see our latest portrait guide and get tips on having a
memorable high school senior session.

We create portrait art from your life story.

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