Springtime Family Sessions

My favorite time of year is right around the corner and I’m so very excited!! Springtime is my favorite for so many reasons. It’s a new start for the year, fresh blooms, new life, and the colors, don’t get me started on the beautiful color palettes!! Which leads me into why springtime is also my favorite time of year for family sessions, with fall as a close second, of course! We can bring all of those spring elements into a family portrait session and mix it with all the warm fuzzy feels from candid images for memorable and beautiful artwork for your home.

My favorite location for family sessions is North Hill in our beautiful city. It is one of the oldest, most historical neighborhoods in Iowa. The streets and alleys are lined with old blooming cherry blossoms and magnolia trees and they are absolutely stunning for a fleeting week in April.

Popular home decor color palettes consist of grey and white and wooden browns and creams. Many designers are creating open floor plans with old wood, tall ceilings, white furniture and kitchens, wooden floors, and light and neutral wall colors, and are creating a beautiful foundation for portrait artwork. And that is why springtime is the perfect time to add or update your walls with family portraits. It’s just simply my favorite and I’ll show you images of why I love it so much!

When planning outfits for springtime, take a peek at our color inspiration board on Pinterest!

So, happy spring to all of you and I hope you can take advantage of this time of year for new and updated portraits too! I’m getting so excited for my mommy and me session with my lovies too!!!

Clients often wonder how to coordinate outfits within their family. Here is a great example of how to tie in several colors in one outfit and family member. Button down shirt, vest, tie, hat and pants….this is so cute and all of these colors are within their family’s color palette. When this little man was photographed with mom, dad and his siblings, he was coordinated with everyone, no matter the combination of the image we were taking. So beautifully done!

Here is my personal favorite color palette for springtime. Navy jeans with grey and pink tops, dresses and accessories. Beautiful!

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