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This family is pretty amazing in our books. I was so happy when they first called to book a family session with us, because it had been so long since I had last photographed them for Seeth and Siedel’s senior sessions! We originally had planned for a spring session, but Covid had other plans for us and for Siedel’s travel plans back to Iowa. So we waited until Siedel could make new plans to come back and visit everyone from New York, and we were happy to still get them in this summer…and it was perfect timing as baby Callie was able to be here, at just three weeks old!

Family sessions are so important and special to capture. As time passes, families grow up and evolve and it’s important to capture those special times when everyone is together, in one place, especially when it is for just a short time. We LOVE capturing families… the relationships, the extra special bonds between siblings, the candid moments, all of it! I had some of all of my favorite people to photograph when I got to spend time with this sweet family… a brand new BABY, sweet and playful kiddos, and a family that is close to one another, even when they normally have to live miles apart.

It is amazing to see how much nearly a decade can change within our own lives, but especially throughout an entire family. Siedel lives in New York now, travels the globe in his free time, and saves lives everyday for his profession. Seeth has a beautiful family and the sweetest kiddos and momma JoDel is loving being a grandma to these beautiful kids, and now to a new baby girl too! Latiecia and her family are absolutely precious and those curls though…I’m in love!

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone… and with it has come a whirlwind of emotions, a roller coaster of a year, and now more than ever we can’t stress more the importance of taking extra time to capture the most precious and beautiful people in your life…your family. We are booking into fall now, and are looking forward to the change of seasons, of amazing colors and playing in some leaves together. If it’s been a hot minute since your last family session, call us before it’s too late!

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