What to Wear for Family Portraits

So you have finally been able to coordinate schedules and locations to get all of your favorite people together in one place, at the same time! Now, the fun part is beginning to select what to wear… say what?! You mean getting everyone scheduled wasn’t the hardest part?!
Relax! We’ve got you, friend!

The first thing we always want to consider when starting to decide what to wear for family portraits is your home decor style and colors. After your session, you’ll want images that display beautifully in your home as artwork.  The outfits you select are important because they can either create a timeless, complimentary look for your finished images, or can make you dislike the end result if the outfits clash with one another or take too much attention away from the beautiful moments in your images.   Think about the following questions and use that as inspiration for your color palette for outfits.

Where are you going to display your favorite portraits from this session?
• What is the color palette you are working with to compliment your home?

• What season compliments your home decor best?

Check out our Pinterest Board for seasonal color palettes for inspiration HERE!

Your family session includes a complimentary home consultation to help you gather inspiration for outfits and locations based on your home decor and style. During this consultation we will photograph your walls and help you create ideas for where to display your artwork. All of this will help create the most beautiful portrait(s) for your space. If you haven’t taken advantage of your complimentary home consultation yet, please give us a call to schedule one.

Creating a beautiful portrait begins with selecting outfits that coordinate with everyone in the image, and a location that compliments your color palette and home decor. Once you have selected the perfect color palette, here are important things to remember when selecting your outfits.

• Solid colors typically photograph the best when coordinating several people in one portrait.
• Long sleeves, pants and floor length dresses in a portrait are best because your eye goes to the faces in the picture vs. the skin from arms and legs. Wearing long sleeves and pants will also appear most slimming because they tend to cover up more skin.
• Avoid busy patterns, stripes, prints and logos. If you select a pattern for one outfit, avoid selecting additional differing prints and patterns in the outfits of everyone else in the picture. Too many patterns are distracting, and tend to clash when paired together. Also, keep in mind that stripes and patterns are not the most slimming option when selecting your favorite outfit for pictures.
Coordinate outfits with one another. If you select 3 colors for your color palette, it is best to try and use all three of those colors within everyone’s outfit, rather than one person representing just one of those colors. We suggest this so that when we photograph various combinations of everyone in your family, you will all remain coordinated with one another. You can do this with accessories such as headbands and ties, scarves, jackets, cardigans, and layering clothing.

Spring Family Outfits – Navy and Pink

Summer Family Outfits – Denims

Fall Family Outfits – Navy | Grey | Mustard Yellow

Tree Farm Family Session – Navy + Green Buffalo Plaid
Snowy Winter Session – Contrasting Color

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