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I am a romantic at heart, so I always thought that capturing a wedding story was the absolute best when it came to telling stories in my camera. But, then I began photographing births, and I once again was swept away in a whirlwind of emotions, tearing up behind my camera lens. So, I may be a little emotional, but at least I can mask it a little bit with a camera in front of my face!

We have been photographing births for quite a few years now, but when we sit down with our momma to be’s to go over ideas for their baby’s first year of images, sometimes they get a little reluctant knowing that their birth story will forever be captured on film…”What if I’m a mess?!” “I will look awful right after delivering a baby!” “I don’t think I want to see what happens down there!” are just a few of the comments we get when we first consult with our mommas. But here is the reality of a birth story…It is absolutely beautiful…we are not there to capture “down yonder” and guess what? You’re a superhero to your husband and he always thinks you’re beautiful…and that sweet baby of yours? They’re going to love looking at pictures of themselves on the day they were welcomed into this world by their mommy and daddy.

When we arrive to capture a birth story, we are capturing all the things…the anxious arrival of your sweet baby. How amazing and tough you are as a momma already. The moment they lay your precious baby on your chest and your eyes meet for the first time…the tears of joy when dad holds his baby for the first time…all the things. All the things that dad can’t capture when he is living in the moment himself. That is why we are here to capture those precious, fleeting first moments of your baby’s grand debut. But, if even through all of this you are feeling too reluctant to have this moment captured, that is ok!! That is why we began our Fresh 48 Sessions… we love to capture the moment your baby is first born, but if for whatever reason that cannot happen, we can still capture some of your baby’s firsts that happen in the hospital… their first weigh in, first bath, the first time they are held by their siblings, and some of their first expressions as they explore the new world they’re now in.

We had the honor of capturing a small part of Vivian and Mable’s birth story. Theirs started out in the NICU when they were born exactly 36 weeks gestation. They needed just a little bit of extra time growing, so for the next 38 days of their lives, they were taken care of and loved on by the wonderful staff at the Iowa City Children’s Hospital. Those girls are so incredibly perfect and beautiful. I absolutely loved spending an afternoon capturing their expressions and their curiosity for the world around them. I now believe that their mom is a superhero…somehow she managed to have them by C-section, drive back and forth from home to take care of them nearly every day while they grew in the hospital, AND finish up nursing school…SUPERMOM.

So if you are uncomfortable with the thought of someone else in your birthing room, or you don’t get those moments because your birth story takes a turn for the operating room, or your precious baby needs extra time growing in the NICU, we are here to capture each and any moment in between. If you are expecting, don’t wait to contact us so we have time to create these special memories for you too, momma!!

Want to see more images and a few video clips from their session? Take a peek at their session video!

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